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Dated: 08/25/2017

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So, you want to buy a home?   Great!!   Exciting time for you!   But is it really?   It can also be an anxious time too.  What are the steps a buyer has to go through to find a home?   How much can I afford?    I’m new at this, how do I know if it’s a safe neighborhood?   I like to be close to restaurants and shopping.   Schools are not important right at the moment, but it can be in a year or two.  How far are the schools and how can I find out about the quality of the school?  Before you get in your car and drive yourself crazy, contact a professional real estate agent.

The first step to get answers to all of these questions is to have the real estate agent conduct a buyer’s consultation.   What is this and how much does it cost?   Well, it’s a short meeting to go over your needs and wants.   And, it cost you only an hour of your time!   You’ll go over the financial steps of whether you’re buying with cash or getting financing.   If you’re getting financing, you’ll want to get in touch with a lender and get pre-approved.    This will give you an idea of how much you can afford.  If you are getting a mortgage, getting this done early accomplishes 2 major things:   first, if your budget only allows $250,000 home, why look at $350,000 homes?   Frankly, it’s a waste of your time and the realtor’s time.   Secondly, getting pre-approved, puts you ahead of a buyer who hasn’t taken this step.   Let’s say you find that dream home and want to make an offer.   Your offer is stronger showing “proof of funds” or a pre-approval letter than the buyer who hasn’t done this step.   Good properties move quick, so don’t get bogged down by this step and lose out on that dream home!

So, get with your professional real estate agent, have that buyer’s consultation and happy house hunting!

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